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Singapore is one of the countries that K-Pop artists visit frequently, which means there is much of K-fever and a strong fan-base in the country. We sarangkpop wondered about the current K-Pop and had a small interview with SGK-WAVE, the leading K-Pop community based in Singapore.


Here it is!


1. Briefly introduce yourself. 
We are the SG K-Wavers, a group of passionate Korean Wave lovers who are hoping to lead the Korea Wave in Singapore. 
2. Please introduce sgkwave.com briefly. 
SG K-Wave is the leading Singapore based Korean Wave Community Website. Started on the 1st of January 2010, our website member base has grown rapidly, and within a year, we have grown to 6500 members and counting. 
3. When and why was sgkwave.com created? 
As mentioned, SG K-Wave is created on the 1st of January 2010. We hope to create the biggest Korean Wave lovers community in Singapore throught SG K-Wave. Most importantly, spreading the love of Korean Wave to more Singaporean is what we are here for. 

4. What has been the biggest difficulty in running the website so far? 
Lacking of time and trying to get more members actively involved in the community are the biggest difficulties so far. 
5. Do you have Korean members or visitors on your website? 
Haha, we can’t really tell but I strongly believe that we do have Korean members and visitors in SG K-Wave. 
6. Do you have a special event for your website members? If so, please explain. 
We have been organising mini dance sessions for our members to learn some of the basic K-Pop MV dance steps and also get to know each other. 

7. Briefly tell us about current K-pop in your country. 
The current K-pop Wave in Singapore is overwhelming. There is no way one can avoid the K-pop topic, you will at least have to hear of something korean at least once a day. Even if you are not into kpop, you would have at least heard and know who is Super Junior and SNSD. that’s how crazy it is. This is possibly due to their catchy tunes as well as the powerful dance steps accompanying them. 
8. When and how was it that K-Pop was first introduced to your country? 
The Hallyu Wave in Singapore probably started a few years ago, when Korean dramas were first introduced. Following that, as people craved to learn more about Korean pop culture, K-pop artistes became better known in Singapore. With the rise of internet as a platform for K-pop artistes to showcase their talents in these few years, technology has enabled the internet-savvy to keep up with news and performances by overseas artistes, in turn introducing K-pop to Singapore. 
9. Compared to other countries’ Korean wave, what would be special or unique in the Korean fever in Singapore. 
I guess in Singapore, the Korean Wave brings people of all walks of life and ages together. By that, I mean you can even see mothers at K-Pop events (which is surprising) and I dont think you can see this overseas. For example, a friend of mine, was asked to attend SS3 by her mother, like her mom offered to queue for tickets and pay for my friend’s ticket, which is really surprising. 

SGK-WAVE appeared.

10. A lot of dance(and song) cover videos have been uploaded to Youtube by Singaporian young people. And I find that many of them are performances of K-Pop events. Do you think dance contests play an important role in spreading K-pop? What is the largest K-Pop event? 
I do think that dance contests play an important role to a certain extent, it is the novelty of being able to do the exact same things as your idols do on stage, like you feel a sense of achievement to be able to do the dance moves, just like your idols would. And i mean, who doesn’t dream of being a star? So even if it is for a short 3,4 mins to dance off and feel like you’re an idol, you would still do it right?

I think the largest kpop event held thus far was K-Pop Night 2010 held by Proof Label and the Mnet ultimate live last year. The two concerts were on par with each. because they have the biggest names in K-Pop as part of the line up hence, it really brought a lot of hype to the publicity and curiosity to the kpop fans. 


11. Many Korean K-Pop experts think of Singapore as the hub of the Korean wave in South East Asia. Do you think this idea is convincing? If so, tell us why. 
I think this idea is also convincing to a certain extent because there are also a lot of hype over the Korean Wave in other countries as well. Like recently, a group of French kissmes flew to Korea to support U-Kiss which really took me by surprise as France is such a far country as compared to Singapore. Singapore is still part of the Asean countries so it is not a surprise that the hype of the Korean Wave has surged through most parts of Asia. Nevertheless we’re still one of the countries where K-Pop stars actually visited the most out of these years. ^^
12. These days K-Pop artists visit Singapore quite frequently. I also understant that this coming July Korean Music Wave 2011, one of the biggest K-Pop concert will be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. I think this is all about the strong K-Pop fan-base. Why do you think kpop is appealing to Singaporian young people? 
Needless to say – the cute, charming, hot and talented young boys/girls. They are fresh and they have the entire package that appeals to everyone, there is definitely one K-Pop idol that suits the liking of each and every young Singaporean. 

13. Which K-Pop stars are popular? 
For the guys, it’s undeniablely Girl’s Generation. However there are other girl groups such as Kara, T-ara, Secret who are also gaining more and more popularity. For the girls, it’ll be Super Junior, SHINee, Big Bang, 2PM. 
14. Singapore has been heavily influenced by Chinese Culture due to the historical backgrounds. One of the most common languages is Chinese. And as you see, language is a central part of music. Why do you think  was K-Pop able to be explosively successful in spite of the cultural and language differences? 
Novelty, the thrill of learning something totally different, that is not the norm. The Korean culture is also very different hence, it sparked about a huge interest and curiosity. 
15. I was told that 5~6 years ago Japanese music was quite popular in Singapore. But K-Pop is dominating almost all the Asian charts now. Why do you think this happened? 
There are still people who are very into J-pop now but beause of the kpop wave, it has taken over. The J-pop Wave in the past, were more to the hard rock side, like dark side. So when the K-pop wave came about, presenting itself with the fresh sweet young idols, people were drawn into it. I mean, most of the K-Pop idols you see are young, they are sweet
and super fresh. Like some of the boys are even prettier than girls. And the songs they sing about, the tunes, it super pop culture hence, they were able to dominate the charts. K-pop music has a very addictive tune/lyrics to it. It’s almost like as if they had casted a spell in their music. 


16. What do Singaporian K-Pop fans most want from the Korean entertainment? 
Fan service from their idols, to be able to meet and get up close and personal with their idols. and of course, good music from their idols. 
17. What do you personally most want from the Korean entertainment? 
More variety shows/dramas casting our idols and it will be the best if they are able to film some of the shows in Singapore. 
18. How do you see the future of K-pop in Singapore? 
To be honest, I think that all good things will eventually come to an end. The novelty will die down. It’s only a matter of time. Majority of the kpop fans are in their pre-teens or are teenagers and as they grow up, their likings/preferences will change. However, if the kpop idols change and re-invent themselves to keep their fans in Singapore wanting more, the wave will defintely be staying here for a long time. 
19. What do you think are the differences between Singaporean pop and K-Pop? 
I believe that Singaporean pop music is less emphasising on catchy tunes and dances compared to K-Pop. 
20. Please introduce some of the most popular Singaporian singers to us. 
Stefanie Sun, JJ Lin and Tanya Chua have always been making Singaporean proud in the Music Industry. 


21. Do you have special plans for K-Pop this year? If so, please tell us. 
We can’t say that we have any special plans yet. However, you will never know that along the way, we may be releasing something interesting. ^^ 
22. If there is anything else you’d like to say to Korean netizens, please do so here. 
We are in love and very interested in everything Korea-related, including your culture, food, language and especially entertainment. We sincerely will like you to know that even thought we may be a small country, our Korean Wave supporter base here is very strong. We are more than happy to welcome you to Singapore and enjoy the unstoppable Korean Wave together with us. ^^




We thank SGK-WAVE for the interview and  hope more Korean netizens get to know about their passion for K-Pop.
             Bonus clip – K-RAZE Feat. DJ MASA (cr: sgkwave.com)


 Go to the Korean version

source : sarangkpop.com


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The other day SarangKpop interviewed Korea-fans, largest Turkish K-Pop community. This time, we sat on the other side of the table.  Yeah, they interviewed us and put it on their E-magazine, ‘Dongyul’. We just like  to share it with you guys!


Go to see the interview @ ‘Dongyul’  (Page 110~113).


1) As the founder of Sarangkpop, briefly introduce yourself first.

Hi Donyul & Korea-fans readers! My name is Sanghwa Lee. I live in Donghae City, a small city in Korea, and I work for a little company near my house. Of course, I love K-Pop!



2) When did you create Sarangkpop and what were your goals?

The beta version of Sarangkpop came out on December 26, 2010 and it was fully launched on March 2th, 2011. Yes, the site is still fresh and new. There are many K-Pop websites and blogs created by non-Koreans are out there and we Koreans are grateful for their K-Pop love and passion.

However, sometimes we find a big gap between Korean and international fans in accepting and understanding K-Pop news. I wanted to bridge the gap. Secondly, there are currently just a handful of English language Hallyu websites based in Korea even though there are a lot of English K-sites on the Net. Most of them are based outside of Korea. Besides, it is hard to find a Korea-based Hallyu website created by Korean netizens. So I, as a Korean netizen and K-Pop fan, wanted to make a web place based in Korea to communicate with internatinal K-Pop fans.

Lastly, almost all the English K-Pop sites focus on publishing about K-stars. I was more interested in K-fans rather than K-celebrities. I wanted K-Pop fans to shine through Sarangkpop just like the slogan "Sarangkpop is where K-Pop fans are the heroes and heroines" says.

I plan to create another website(kpopsarang.com) to publish about K-Stars within this year, which will be a sister site of Sarangkpop.





3) What do you think is K-Pop?

It is a tough question. It has even been a huge question in Korea since the Korean fever started and I think we Koreans are debating over it.

There are three big different ideas about what K-Pop is in Korea. One is to focus on people. You can call it K-Pop as long as Koreans are involved in any way. Therefore, a Korean singer singing a song in Chinese, Japanese, English, or Turkish, can be part of K-Pop.

Another is about the Korean language. You can call it K-Pop if Korean is involved in any way (so a Turkish or a Japanese singer singing in Korean can be part of K-Pop). The other is to focus on both people and language, which means you can call it K-Pop only if both Korean people and the Korean language are involved in a way. In this case, a Korean singer singing in Korean can only be K-Pop.

What do you think? I think the K-Pop phenomenon includes all three ideas and a lot more. The world is getting smaller and countries are getting closer thanks to Information Technology. New things come out, old things fade away. Everything changes. If we go back to K-Pop’s early days, those three ideas could be worthy of consideration. But now, we Koreans are facing something that we haven’t experienced culturally. Hallyu has gone far beyond our expectations and become a global phenomenon.

It is very hard to guess when and where the Korean wave stops, which makes it more difficult to answer the question. What is K-Pop? All I can say is it is a lot more than we have discussed so far.





4) Which are the most popular K-pop bands and singers in Korea?

SM, YG, JYP, DSP, CUBE artists. IU is very popular now too.



5) Which countries like K-pop outside Korea?

The Korean wave first started in Asia. So it would be quite obvious that K-Pop is very popular in China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia , etc. The Korean wave is rapidly picking up popularity in other parts of the world too: USA, Canada, Brazil, France, Australia, etc.



6) Did you prepare any activities as Sarangkpop? (Nationwide like as meeting)

At the moment, I am putting all my energy into making a solid foundation of Sarangkpop. It is still new and has got a lot to improve. Therefore, I don’t have any special plans in the near future. But I plan to have a meeting for Sarangkpop members in Summer or Fall after the first major upgrade of the site.





7) Do Koreans know about Turkey?

As I wrote in the article, many Koraens recall two things right away when it comes to Turkey. One is the Korean War. We know that a lot of Turkish soldiers fought and died in the war. We never forget it. The other one is the 2002 World Cup. As you know, Korea and Turkey met at the third-place match and shared a beautiful friendship. But, I think Koreans have kind of limited information on your country due to lack of access to Turkish things. Nevertheless, I think most Koreans have positive feelings towards your country. When I reviewed your Sarangkpop’s interview introduced to Korean online K-Pop community boards, I often ran into a comment like ‘ Turkey, you are our brother country!’



8) Turkey and Korea are brother country. What do you think about that?

As I mentioned above, Koreans think about your country positively. We feel a sense of closeness with your people and country. One thing I’d like to say here is that many Korean netizens feel the same way when you said ‘We also would like to see them in our country and host them in our homes’ in the article.





9) K-pop has a great mass in Turkey, what are your opinions this matter?

I, as a Korean netizen, am really grateful for your K-Pop love and come to think that K-Pop already does not belong to only one country anymore. I hope to see more communications between K-Pop fans of the two countries in the near future.



10) As Sarangkpop, anything to say to Turks, say it to them here.

Sarangkpop was created to be a bridge between Korean and non-Korean K-Pop fans. Your interview was meaningful because it encouraged Sarangkpop to step forward.

Sarangkpop will do its best to bring Turkish K-Pop news to Korean netizens continuously.

Thanks a lot!




We SarangKpop thank Korea-fans & Dongyul for giving this opportunity and promise that we will do out best to be a bridge  between Korean and international K-Pop fans.


Check out the Korean version.

Spread the word!

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wawa dance school

You cannot leave out Rookie and WAWA Dance Academy when you talk about the youtube sensation of Kpop dance. However, there isn’t much info on them you can get on the Net. We sarangkpop wanted to know more about them and here is the stuff we got for you.

1. please, introduce yourself briefly.

Hi, I am Namgeun Lee (aka Rookie) and running the WAWA Dance Academy. 30 years old. I love dance and hope everyone can enjoy dance too^_^.

2. your nick is Rookie. Any special reason for it?

At first, my nick was Rooney and I came to know that it was the same as the name of a British football player, Rooney. So I tried to find some other thing and came up with ‘Rookie’. If I should say the reason, it would be ‘trying to remember when I first began.’.

3. Have you ever been abroad?

Four years ago I ran a dance school in Thailand for about one year. It was in Chon buri where K-pop was hot. I came back to Korea in order to make a fresh new start. ^^

4. when did you start dancing? What made you dance?

I have been in love with dancing since I was a kid. However I didn’t take a regular dance class till I went to college. My dance lessons began in earnest when I became a member of the dance club in my college. I was so absorbed at that time, which made me love to dance more and more. ^^

5. how long do you practice a day?

I practice a lot before actual recording. It usually takes time to get a dance video clip done. Roughly about five hour practice and I do an actual video shot. I have my own classes as well. So I think I dance 5~6 hours everyday. ^^

6. what sort of music do you use for practice, apart from K-pop?

I Love popping and hip hop. In fact, I started my dance career with those dance genres. I enjoy them all the time. ^^

7. do you have a specific dance genre you are currently working on now?

I am getting more used to the dance style of Taeyang and Beast, which is called “Urban Style”. Lots of dance video recordings got me used to it. I love it too! ^^

8. which dance style do you think suits you?

As I mentioned above, I think it would be popping or hip hop. ^^

9. who’s your favorite kpop artist?

I am sort of old, so I love 서태지 (Seo taiji)^^. Some of you guys might not know about him. In terms of dancing, I like Taeyan. My female kpop artist is Boa ^^.

10. who influenced you as a dance?

Michael Jackson(USA), Prepix(Korea).^^

11. please introdude WAWA Dance Academy shortly.

WAWA Dance Academy is a private dance school offering affordable and accessible opportunities to people who like to enjoy dancing. ^^

12. what made you upload k-pop dance videos on youtube?

At first, I uploaded only on Korean websites. But oneday I got interested in promoting our stuff worldwide and uploaded some of them on youtube. I didn’t extected that much response. I’ve kept uploading since then. ^^

13. Do you know that your youtube vidoes help international K-pop fans do Kpop dance covers. Your videos are treated like a textbook of Kpop dance. Is it rewarding for you?

I check every comment on the dance videos. However, I find it a bit hard to reply to the English comments. Anyway, my first intention was to help people enjoy dancing and it worked, which made me so happy and put more efforts in making our dance videos. I am kind of feeling responsible now. It also helps me practice as well. ^^

14. Did you ever get complaints from youtube visiters or happen to meet people trying to find fault with your dance itself? How did you handle it?

Well, I have experienced that sort of stuff many times so that I already got used to it even though I was a bit offended in the beginning. I’m a very optimistic person. People think differently and I completely understand it. Even those comments could be a help at times. You do what you love, that would be the best thing to do anyway.^^

15. what do you think was the best Kpop dance video of WAWA so far?

Our team Acon’s first dance, ‘Gara Gara Go’ by Big bang is very meaningful to us. ^^

16. which one is your favorite dance video?

Personally I love ‘no love no more’ by JYP.^^

17. which one was the hardest so far??

I think the most difficult one was ‘Keep your head down’ by TVXQ. As you know, it contains lots of group art. We stayed up all night for recording it hahaha. It is easy now but at that time it was..^_^

18. What do you think is the distinct feature of K-pop?

Very sensitive about the trends. Making dance moves suitable for the lyrics, dramatic performance styles, repetitive moves, catchy motions are getting more popular in Kpop now.^^

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We sarangkpop always wondered about  how K-pop was going on in Mexica and got a chance to know that at last. The other day we ran into Mexican girls, in fact they were sisters, dancing to Kpop music and managed to have an interview about their kpop love. Here we go~!

* greeting to Korean kpop fans *

Annyeong-haseyo, We’re Glam Mexican Girls!

1. please, introduce yourself shortly.
Nataly: Hi! I’m Nataly, I’m 19 years old, I’m an University Student & my major is computer systems. Nice to meet you!
Dulce: Annyeong-haseyo my name is Dulce, I’m 14 years old, I’m studying middle school with an special atelier: electricity ^^
2. when and how did you get to know kpop?
N: I “discovered” the Kpop kkk~ This was because I have a friend in Spain, and she told me about a “Chinese” band , and their amazing songs and dance skills. This band was Big Bang with the song Lalala~ Then I was looking for the MV~ and I found info about them, after this I was replaying the MV and looking for Korean singers kkk~ Now My favorite genre of music was & is Kpop!
D: Thanks to my sister Nataly with the Big Bang’s song Haru Haru~~♪

3. what made you love Kpop?
N: Their new music proposal, because for me they’re so original in all, their choreographies are awesome, and brilliants!
D: Their rhythm and for their original songs. And of course their choreographies!!~
4. who’s your favorite kpop star?
N: Ohh, It’s a hard question… Let me see… Male: SHINee!! And my favorite is TaeMin!!~ He’s a great dancer and singer ^^
Female: SiStar★ And my favorite is BoRa. She’s so amazing!
D: My favorite male band is SHINee, and my favorite members are Key and Minho 😀
My favorite female band is Girls Generation, but my favorite female singer/dancer is Kahi.

5. how did you start dancing to Kpop?

First, was for an audition… Now is for love, respect and hobbie for the Kpop! We really love the Kpop♥!

6. when,where and how do you practice?
We practice in our living room~ We practice almost all days, except if we’re so tired for the school or if we have exams. By the way… Saturday & Sundays are free days kkk~
7. can you tell us how kpop is going in your country?
Sadly, Kpop isn’t popular here T-T, but at least, We can watch Arirang TV here.
8. do your friends like kpop too?
N: Yeeahh! Though I told her (my bff) about the kpop, but she love it! And support us ^^
D: Umm.. I just have 2 friends, them love the kpop, They’re so crazy for Kpop!
They’re sasaengs! Hahahaha just kidding~~

9. do you belong to a Kpop dance cover team? If so, let us kow.
Only our group, Glam Mexican Girls. We’re 2 members (duo)
We accept requests of our friends and from the Hallyu events.
*We’re not professionals / we don’t take dance class
10. are you guys members of any online Mexican kpop communitys? If so, please introduce to us.
Yes, We’re members of the facebook page “Que vengan grupos de Kpop a Mexico”
(We wanna Korean bands in Mexico); This is page promote the kpop here~ They’ll create a forum soon, & We’ll collaborate with them, because they’ll give us a special section there ~~
11. do you like Korean dramas? If so, what is your favorite one?
Of course! Our favorite is Golden Bride (N: This made me cry)

12. Korean dramas are popular in your country? Have you seen korean dramas on Mexican TV?
Not really T_T; We watch the dramas online, and 3 months ago, We watched the Korean movie “The Host” in Mexican TV. We were so excited and speechless!
13. do you have a Kpop event in your city? If so, have you been there?
Yes, in our city we have every years 2 events, One is totally about the Korean culture and music (Hallyu Wave Mexico). Of course We were there the last month, was so exciting and awesome~
The other event is called “Fancity Tampico” (Tampico is the name of our city) This event is focus in Japan and cosplays, but they admit Kpop & performances.

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We usually think that amateurs do a dance cover and many of them do it to express love for their stars.  How about professionals? If they are not only fans but also professional dancers or choreographers? Don’t you want to know how they keep and share love for their stars?

A good example was spotted on youtube a few weeks ago. “Endo Generation!”. It all consists of professional dancers and choreographers. As you can see from the name, all the member are fans of Girl’s Generation(소녀시대). They have worked with many famous artists in Japan and America. Amuro Namie, Koda Kumi and Britney Spears. Just named some of the artists they have collaborated with.

However this time they wanted to do fun stuff, something enjoyable to share with K-pop fans around the world. They made a K-pop dance cover team called ‘Do-POP!’. All the members personally joined it as a hobby. However they come to us with another special name ‘Endo Generation’ when covering Girls Generation dances. Yeah, they really want to show their love for Girls Generation. So when they dance to “Gee”, they also become devoted fans just like you.

Sarangkpop contacted “DO-POP!”, and had a short interview about “Endo Generation”.

1. greeting to Korean Kpop fans.
What’s up Sarang Kpop! This is Do-POP!!!
Thank you for all of your support:) And if u haven’t watch our video, please go to You tube and check it out!!

2. Would you introduce your dance group, ‘Do-POP!’ shortly?
We made Do-POP as a K-POP cover dance team. Oneday ENDo who is the leader of Do-POP thought if he made K-POP cover dance team with all professional dancers, what would happen!? So he asked all the members to become part of it!!
3. we also understand that you’ve worked with many famous Japanese artists such as J-Pop Queens Amuro Namie, Koda Kumi and many more. Is it correct? If so, would you tell us about an interesting episode you experienced when working with those J-pop stars?
All the artists are soooooo nice to dancers as well!:)
Professional for everything!! So pleased to work with them and respect them!!
4. whose idea was it to make a special dance cover team for Girl’s Generaion?
ENDo!! He LoooooOOoOoOoOoOves Girl’s Generation.
So ENDo thought if he does SNSD’s cover dance with all professional dancers, it will be something!!!

5. why you named the dance cover team ‘Endo Generation(Endojidai, 遠藤時代)’?
The leader of Do-POP was ENDo!! So he made this name and we use it ONLY when we do Girl’s Generation’s cover…

6. there are many Girls Generation songs now. what is your favorite one among them?
We love all the songs of course. But for Ballade songs, ENDo loves “Star Star Star” the best.
7. I love your Girl’s generation’s choreography. You added your own flavor and made it more fun. what did you focus on when recreating the choreography?
When we practice, we learn the same choreography first. And then, We start recreating together. But its up so each songs though…
8. at the “Dream On!” KPop Cover Dance Fes’ 2011, you gave a performance of Girls’ Generation dances as a opening act for Rino Nakasone, the famed SME choreographer. How do you know her?
We met her through our friend! It was great to dance with her on stage!!

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What if we ask an ordinary Spanish girl about K-pop? This idea made us seek a Spanish kpop girl and we ran into a great dance cover video. We first found it quite familiar so that we digged further about the video’s uploader. Yes, she was Aly. and we were able to remember seeing her youtube clips on the Korean online Kpop communities before.

We sarangkpop contacted her and had a small interview about her K-pop love as well as her cover dances.

This is it.

1. please introduce yourself shortly.

Hi! I’m Aly ^^

I’m 18 years old (19 soon -.-) and I’m from Spain.

And I want apologize for my low level of English T_T

2. when and how did you get to know kpop?

I knew the kpop a few years ago by a survey of SNSD and Wonder Girls.

I started looking about Kpop and I found DBSK, so I quickly fell in love ^^

3. who is your favorite kpop star?

It’s a difficult question!!

My favorite kpop female star is Hyun Ah (4Minute). I love her charisma at the time to performance.

And my favorite kpop male star is more difficult to select xD

I love, especially, Leeteuk, Heechul and Eunhyuk (SUJU), Junho and Junsu (TVXQ) Nickhun and Chansung (2PM) and Kim Jong Kook too.

4. how do you get k-pop materials?

I try to support my favorite artists buying their albums in online shops.

But unfortunately I can’t buy as many as I would like U.U

5. which kpop dance cover was the hardest one for you so far?

To the all kpop dance cover I did, I think the hardest was “Breathe” (Miss A), because I can(cannot?) do well the steps! T_T

But was difficult to me “Irony” (Wonder Girls) too.

6. do you have any Kpop dance cover you are planning to do now? If so, what is it?

Yes. Right now I’m working in “Paparazzi” (Kan Mi Yeon). But I don’t have many time to dance lately -.-

7. where do you practice dancing? How long and how often do you practice?

I only practice dancing in my home.

When I have time, I try dance at least 4 days a week.

When I’m in school time, I try to take the days that I haven’t to study to dance.

The time depends on what it takes to me to learn the dance, usually 1 or 2 hours.

8. have you ever performed in front of people?

Yes, a lot of time.

I love performed in front of people ^^

9. how do you prepare the cloths for your dance covers?

I try to combine the clothes I have to make it in line with the song.

If not, I have the luck to have an older sister who likes sewing and sometimes she makes me clothes to my dances ^^

10. do your friends like Kpop too?

No, but I’m try that they also like it xD

11. do you belong to a Spain Kpop community? If so, what is it

No, I don’t know any Spain Kpop community.

12. it seems that you edit your video clips before uploading  onto Youtube. What program do you use for editing?

In most cases simply I use Windows Movie Maker.

Sometime, in order to add more effects, I use Corel Video Studio 12.

13. can you speak Korean?

No, but I love to learn!

Actually I only can read hangul.

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Last year a Japanese girl became talk of the town because of her youtube videos for a while. In the videos, she danced to Kpop songs like “Hoot”, “Tell my your wish”. Some Korean netizens said she would be a trainee under a certain Japanese entertainment  and seemed to just be about to debut to counterattack the Korean invasion. Some others said she would be an ordinary Japanese girl in love with Kpop.

Sarangkpop decided to investigate the rumors and had a mini interview with the Japanese girl.

This is the mini interview.

1. please introduce yourself briefly.

My name is Riona. I’m 15 years old and I live in Japan. My hobbies are to dance and sing. I also love to listen to music!

2. are you a trainee?

No, I am not.

3. are you under a Japanese entertainment company?

No, I am not.

4. are you going to debut as a singer?

Well, I hope I do 😀 I want to be an actress too 🙂

5. do you have a dance team?

No, I don’t.

6. when did you start dancing?

I started dancing when I was 12 years old.

7. do you sing well?

Umm, I don’t know….lol I hope I sing well.

8. you practice once a week. Do you practice dancing and singing together? Where do you practice?

I take dance lessons once a week. I don’t take singing lessons, but I sing whenever I listen to music 😀

9. are you a model?

Well, I did a sponser for kids’ clothings. .

10. do you know many Koreans watched your Youtube videos?

I didn’t know at first, but my friend told me that my video was posted on a Korean site. I was very surprised! I’m very thankful and happy for them to watch my video 🙂

11. when did you get to know kpop?

Well, I was on youtube and I just clicked on a video, and that was SNSD’s music video. Ever since that, I love K-pop!

12. who is your favorite K-pop star?

Chunji (Teen Top),  Mir (MBLAQ),   IU,   Yoona (SNSD)

13. do you want to be a Kpop star?

Yes, I would love to!

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